Original Gel Gloss – 128oz

By C.D

Terrific - nothing else like it on the market! This is the VERY best stuff. If you have cultured marble sink tops or stainless steel, get this product. It leaves the finish looking like the day you first moved in. I cannot find these locally, but you can get it through Amazon. Buy 2 or more and you will never regret the purchase.

By H.B

AMAZING! I was skeptical when I purchased this. But boy does it do the trick! My husband used it on a fiberglass tub that needed some shining up and it definitely worked. Then he tried it on my stainless steel dishwasher, which constantly has fingerprints and water drips on it. It went a month without a single smudge! Then we did my refrigerator, with amazing results. I am a firm believer in this product now!

By Shopper

Every home needs this! A great product for a multitude of surfaces.

By Barbara

I have used Gel-Gloss for 18 years now - it keeps our shower and countertops looking brand new! This is good stuff!

By Denise

I love this product for my kitchen sink and my fiberglass tub and shower enclosures. Polishes up nicely and keeps the surfaces looking great for weeks!

TR Industries sold this to us. I ordered (2) and they arrived double boxed, with a seal over the lids to prevent accidental spillage in transit, and had both a lower and upper cardboard gap to separate the bottles from the bottom and top of the box, with a separator in the top. SO VERY WELL PACKAGED! A rare thing these days! Great product!

By Vicki

Great clean product.

Plastic Polish

New item! No reviews available yet.

Tire Shine 16oz

By Tommy

I heard about this product from a professional detailer. It really protects the rubber while creating a nice natural shine on the rubber. It kept my old tires from cracking, and the shine on the tires last for months unlike the others on the market. I have been using the product for years, and it is by far the best on the market for your tires. HIGHLY RECOMMEND TRYING IT.

By Johnny

Don't use Armorall or Black Magic I! Gel-Goss RV Tire Shine is the best product I have ever used. I used this product on my RV and Auto Tires, and it brought out a natural shine and seemed to give the rubber moisture on the tires to prevent further cracking. After I used the product, the shine on the tires lasted for 3 months. I highly recommend this product for all tires, and rubber on an RV, and a car.

Super Poly Polish 16oz


I have purchased lots of wax over the years and this one seems to be one of the best I have run across. If I am going to take the time to wax my 36-foot RV, I want to use a good product. Also, my neighbor works in an auto body shop and confirmed the product was of great quality. Give it a try, you'll like it.

By Robert

This product is great! Went on easy and came off easy. I have a new Forest River Cedar Creek 5th wheel and I completed my first polish of the year.

By Fox

Works amazing! Easy to apply and looks great.

By R.M.

Easy to apply, dries fast, buffs well, and put a good shine on the trailer. Would buy again.

By Elaine

Goes on nice and seems to last very well!

Gel-Gloss RV Hi-Speed Detailer 32oz

By Jerry R.

Wonderful product. Needs no water. I use it while traveling.

Gel-Gloss RV Cleaner and Wax 128oz

By Joe

No more breaking my back or arms cleaning the rig, and no more black streaks! Also has effortless removal of streaks on neighbor rigs. I wish I had been using it since day one. Years using Thetford and busting butt and arms... But this stuff goes on easy and off easy, and no more rubbing black streaks away, it just swoops the streaks off without effort.

This is the only product (and I've used all of them I am sure) that keeps the shine all year round. Not only gives an amazing shine, it also removed the years of Thetford and other stuff. Yes, I use it on a rig that states not to use petroleum products on it, I'm not sure what this is, but for four years the Gel-Gloss RV Cleaner and Wax has made life easy and restored 10 years of prior product failures.

By Ginger

It works great!

By Ron

Easy on and easy off. Really makes the gel coat, paint, and decals shine and bead after rain on my 5th wheel camper.

By Rhonda

I used this on my recently purchased Class B. It appeared to have not been cleaned the past year other than rain. The Gel-Gloss RV Cleaner and Wax went on easily and came off easily that I did 3/4 of the job by myself. My husband did the higher parts that I could not reach. We did it in about 4 hours total. Not bad for a couple of new retirees of 62 & 70. We will use it again. And strongly recommend it to others. RV does not look new but at 14 years old it worked well.

By Alfie

Made the camper nice and shiny. It removed the black streaks, bugs, and road tar.

By Joe

It requires buffing on and off like regular car wax. Shine is great though, seems to last.

Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax 128oz

By Joe

So much better than Meguiar's RV wash! I have always used Meguiar's products to wash and wax my cars. So when I got my first RV, I naturally used Meguiar's RV wash. I used that for a few years and always struggled to get the difficult bug and road debris stains off of the front, and it never did a great job at getting the black streaks off. I just figured that was normal for washing RV's.

On a whim I bought this stuff, and boy am I glad I did! The first time I used it, it took off stains that Meguiar's had left behind and with much less effort too. It didn't leave behind a single black streak or bug. As others have suggested, use HOT water to mix it. That really seems to help it work faster.

My only regret is not trying it sooner. To think of all the time I have wasted through the years struggling to get stains off with Meguiar's.

By Bob

Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax did an amazing job cleaning my RV. I have not washed my RV in over a year and it was covered in road grime and bugs. I was able to almost effortlessly clean the RV with the wash and wax and an extendable soft brush. I thought it would take several hours of scrubbing to get all of the dirt and grime off from over a year of traveling and storage, but it took very little time compared to what I thought it would take. I used a little bit stronger concentration to help get everything off and it worked like a charm. A little goes a long way when mixing the wash and wax, as it is a thick gel cleaner. I highly recommend this to any RV or Travel Trailer owner to easily clean their RV or TT.

By B.D

This stuff is amazing! I use it on an aluminum-sided trailer, and every time I wash the trailer I am blown away with how great the trailer looks.

By Walt

This GEL RV wash really does make the gelcoat on the RV shine. That is after you have thoroughly cleaned it. I tried washing my travel trailer before a thorough cleaning and this product did not clean the black streaks and the white fiberglass had a greyish tinge. After I gave the trailer a good cleaning, I have been able to use this product regularly to keep the trailer clean and super shiny. I haven't tried it on my truck or car yet but according to other reviews it works just as well on those vehicles as it does on fiberglass RVs. I don't see why it wouldn't and I will try it when the weather warms up. I will buy this product again when I get low to easily keep my travel trailer clean and shiny!

By Ray

Works well and smells great! I really can't tell if it's streak-free though, I'm just a little OCD and I have to hand dry my bus when I'm done washing. Big plus is it smells really good!

Stainless Steel & Appliance Cleaner 24oz

By B.P.

This product does not streak and makes my appliances very shiny.

By Kenneth

Perfect for all my stainless steel. Easy to use, great results.

By Pat

Used it again today. Great product!

By Daemon

Good price, fast delivery!

No Streek Cabinet Cleaner 24oz

New item! No reviews available yet.

Granite & Natural Stone Polish 24oz

By Robert

So I have been using this on my granite counter tops for some time now and love it! It is a one-step cleaner and polish. Fabulous! But recently I decided on a cleaning binge to try it on my electric glass top stove. It says it's good for any solid surface. Well it worked wonderfully. But better than that is the next time you wipe your stovetop, it wipes clean and doesn't streak!! I was having trouble finding this in the marketplace so I decided it was good enough to order online! Try it on your glass stovetop. You won't be sorry!

By Jean

I was impressed with the shine on my vanity countertop, which is made of onyx.

By Dennis

Cleaned and sealed my new marble counter top very well. A red wine spill on the tiles simply beaded up and left no stain when wiped away.

By M.C

I love this cleaner. This stuff makes my onyx bathroom shine!

Hardwood and Laminate Floor Cleaner 128oz

By Jeannen

Yes, I am very pleased with my order. I have a cleaning service and I found this wood floor cleaner, and thought I would try it on my clients' wood floors. They were very happy with the results of how good the floors looked. Needless to say I have found a keeper and will be ordering more soon... Thank you so much for a great product.

By Foxxy

I have used this product for 3+ years and am delighted with the ease of applying it, and the soft sheen it leaves on my floors. Great for laminate too!

By R.L.S

I have dark laminate floors and this is the only cleaner that I have found that doesn't leave streaks or residue.

By Shirley

This product took off all my stains. I had to reapply it a few times and left it on overnight but it's fantastic

Mink Oil for Leather Protector & Conditioner 8oz

By Claudia

I just purchased a new leather couch and was looking to maintain its good condition, and this product does the job. It's not sticky, and does not leave sticky residue, nor make the couch too shiny. Works well on vinyl (i.e. car's interior etc.), too.

By Shara

I ran out of Lexol leather conditioner and thought I'd try something new. I used this on my leather sofa and my cowboy boots. It worked well and absorbed readily. I liked that it didn't change the texture of my couch. When I would use Lexol, the leather would always feel slick for a week or so afterward, which made it hard to slide into a comfortable position. But TR's product smells like lotion, but isn't too strong and the odor went away quickly.

By Susan

Will buy this product forever! If you care about the interior of your car, this is the best product to use to keep your dash and leather looking great! We have used this for a few years on all our vehicles and it makes such a huge difference in the appearance of the interior leather. And it smells really good too!

By P.

Purchased this at big box store, and it worked well for my requirement and am happy with its performance. I have been wanting to soften up a newly purchased, all leather, rifle sling I purchased on Amazon. When I saw this product at a local home improvement center, the instructions were easy to follow and the price was less than half of what it was online, so I bought the 8 oz. bottle and tried it on the leather rifle sling.

I first applied the conditioner to the "back" side of the sling with a pliable nylon-bristle brush, making sure that I didn't miss any areas. The stiff feel of the new leather seemed to feel more pliable as I worked the conditioner into the leather with the brush. I applied 2 medium applications to the backside and then one final application to the front and rubbed it in completely.

I let it dry overnight and now the leather is not as stiff and does seem more pliable, which is what I hoped it would do. I noticed the light tan finish on the leather face did change slightly from the absorption of the conditioner once it had dried. The tan leather on the face of the leather sling had a faint, micro-separation in its coloration & appearance. A thorough application of a neutral color shoe polish to the leather face restored its original appearance and it looks like new again after I buffed it with a clean cloth!

This product did soften the stiff leather and did what I wanted it to, and I plan to reapply 2 more applications to achieve the final pliability I am looking for in this leather sling.

By S.W

I have used this product for several years, and have never had a problem with it altering or lightening the color on my black leather interior. Make sure to always use a clean white cloth (even old clean white socks will do), and I put the mink oil on the cloth and apply it, never directly on the leather. It distributes evenly that way. This is a great product, and helps to maintain the condition of the leather. I'll never use anything else!

Faucet Brite 8oz

By H.M

I love this stuff. We recently remodeled our entire house, including three bathrooms and a large kitchen. I'm still at that stage where I want everything to be perfect and shiny all the time. Unfortunately we made a number of mistakes in selecting finishes for the remodel, and faucets were one of them. We chose faucets that show absolutely every little itty-bitty watermark and fingerprint. It drives me crazy! I digress. This product makes my faucets shine and it easily removes every last bit of hard water and smudgy fingerprints. I use it every other day. It applies easily and buffs off to a brilliant shine. I couldn't live without it.

By Shopper

When having dark-brushed bronze bath fixtures installed, I read in the directions to use carnauba wax once a year to keep them looking their best. I ordered this because I have fixtures that needed it and have used it. This product is easy to apply and seems to do the job.

By Sandy

Makes the brass and chrome shine like new!

By C.

Spots are gone!!!! Before installing my California Faucets Satin Bronze bathroom faucet, I followed the manufacturer's instructions and coated it with Faucet Brite. It works beautifully, making the constant unsightly water spots easy to remove with a Kleenex or soft cloth.

The only thing I have against this polish is that it is impossible to find in stores and after a lengthy search, had to purchase it online. It isn't cheap to begin with and some sellers tack on an extra $6 - $12.95 (!) for shipping and handling.

No-Streek Glass & Silver Cleaner 8oz

By Byron

For those of you younger than I (probably most of you), Glass Wax was a product that you wiped on, let dry to a haze, then wiped off. For all but the most filthy glass surfaces you were virtually guaranteed a streak-free result. TR Industries (No Streek) reportedly acquired the patent for this formula and this is what I expected to receive. Instead, I received a spray can with instructions that advise spraying the glass and wiping it off with a microfiber cloth before it dries. When following these directions I did achieve the desired result. A few touch-ups were required but the product performed as advertised.

Am I too lazy to use a standard glass cleaner? Well, maybe. Anyone who has tried cleaning the inside of a car's windshield and back window knows that you need to be something of a contortionist to reach the corners and edges. Typically the cleaner needs to be re-applied several times before most of the streaks are removed. I hoped "No Streek" would be the solution. It generally was, just not what I expected.

Final thought... I would recommend this product.

By R.C

Gel-Gloss Glass Wax is the best glass polishing product I've ever used. It's simple to put on and to take off, and my windows were beautifully streak-free. I use it both on my car windows, and for all the windows in my house. I'm a bit of a perfectionist about clean windows, and I've tried hundreds of glass cleaning products and have found none better.

By R.G

This stuff is great for all windows and mirrors. We previously used a vinegar-water solution, but this stuff is easier to use, and also leaves a non-streaky finish. We use it on our cars, inside our house, and exterior windows - highly recommended!

By S.J

Best cleaner for shower glass doors, and helps maintain glass shower doors! I am a professional house cleaner. I believe in using the best product for each job. I LOVE love love this glass cleaner for shower doors. I only use it on glass shower doors - but it far exceeds any other shower door cleaner/glass cleaner I have tried. Several others streak horribly. Apply with a paper towel, let set/dry and wipe off with a clean paper towel or microfiber rag. It removes tough water spots, and gets glass shower doors cleaner than any other product I've used, and helps prevent buildup.

How long does the protective coat last? My clients whose shower doors see very heavy use (small showers used daily or more) say it seems to last about a week (but larger showers where the water is only occasionally splashing up on the shower you see a longer results and every 2 weeks is perfect vs a small shower that is constantly pelted with water every day). It is always advised to still use a squeegee on your shower door when you are done showering.

By Mitch

This stuff really, REALLY works! I have two 8' x 5' picture windows. After years of trying, I'd concluded that it was impossible to get streak-free windows unless cleaned by a trained highly-skilled professional.

I used TR Industries Glass Polish on both sides of both windows, then waited for the sun to shine through them. No streaks!! There were a couple of spots that I hadn't wiped quite enough, but it was very easy to just wipe those spots off. Nice!

The one mistake I made was in using the polish on my plexiglass storm door. It wouldn't even wipe it off. I had to use the usual liquid spray to clean it and it came right off easily. However, the product only claims to clean GLASS and nothing else. It does it very well, so I have no complaints.

8 oz. doesn't seem like much, but after using it on a total of 160 sq. ft., I still have more than enough left to clean the windows a few more times. The product claims that a bottle of it will clean 2000 sq. ft. of glass. I don't know about that, but it definitely goes a long way.