Gel-Glass RVGel-Glass RV

Product Reviews

By California Dreamin

This is the best stuff. If you have cultured marble sink tops or stainless steel, get this product. It leaves the finish looking like the day you first moved in. I cannot find these locally but through Amazon you can get it. Buy 2 or more and you will never regret the purchase. They used to use a different label but still a pink can.

By HappyinBuckeye

I was skeptical when I purchased this. But boy does it do the trick! My husband used it on a fiberglass tub that needed some shining up and it definitely worked. Then he tried it on my stainless steel dishwasher, which constantly has fingerprints and water drips on it. It went a month without a single smudge! Then we did my refrigerator, just amazing. I am a firm believer in this product now!

By Shopper

A great product for a multitude of surfaces.

By Barbara

I have used Gel-Gloss for 18 years now - it keeps our shower and counter tops looking brand new! This is good stuff!

By Denise

Love this product for my kitchen sink and my fiberglass tub and shower enclosures. Polishes up nicely and keeps looking great for weeks! TR Industries sold this to us. I ordered (2) and they arrived double boxed, with a seal over the lids to prevent accidental spillage in transit, and had both a lower and upper cardboard gap to separate the bottles from the bottom and top of the box, with a separator in the top. SO VERY WELL PACKAGED! A rare thing these days! Great product!

By Vicki B.

Great clean product.