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By Joe

So much better than Meguiar's RV wash! I have always used Meguiar's products to wash and wax my cars. So when I got my first RV, I naturally used Meguiar's RV wash. I used that for a few years and always struggled to get the difficult bug and road debris stains off of the front, and it never did a great job at getting the black streaks off. I just figured that was normal for washing RV's.

On a whim I bought this stuff, and boy am I glad I did! The first time I used it, it took off stains that Meguiar's had left behind and with much less effort too. It didn't leave behind a single black streak or bug. As others have suggested, use HOT water to mix it. That really seems to help it work faster.

My only regret is not trying it sooner. To think of all the time I have wasted through the years struggling to get stains off with Meguiar's.

By Bob

Gel-Gloss RV Wash and Wax did an amazing job cleaning my RV. I have not washed my RV in over a year and it was covered in road grime and bugs. I was able to almost effortlessly clean the RV with the wash and wax and an extendable soft brush. I thought it would take several hours of scrubbing to get all of the dirt and grime off from over a year of traveling and storage, but it took very little time compared to what I thought it would take. I used a little bit stronger concentration to help get everything off and it worked like a charm. A little goes a long way when mixing the wash and wax, as it is a thick gel cleaner. I highly recommend this to any RV or Travel Trailer owner to easily clean their RV or TT.

By BDT1967

This stuff is amazing! I use it on an aluminum-sided trailer, and every time I wash the trailer I am blown away with how great the trailer looks.

By Walt

This GEL RV wash really does make the gelcoat on the RV shine. That is after you have thoroughly cleaned it. I tried washing my travel trailer before a thorough cleaning and this product did not clean the black streaks and the white fiberglass had a greyish tinge. After I gave the trailer a good cleaning, I have been able to use this product regularly to keep the trailer clean and super shiny. I haven't tried it on my truck or car yet but according to other reviews it works just as well on those vehicles as it does on fiberglass RVs. I don't see why it wouldn't and I will try it when the weather warms up. I will buy this product again when I get low to easily keep my travel trailer clean and shiny!

By Ray

Works well and smells great! I really can't tell if it's streak-free though, I'm just a little OCD and I have to hand dry my bus when I'm done washing. Big plus is it smells really good!